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Student Council

The Student Council is made up of selected students with leadership skills who have been voted in to be the voice of the student body. They form a bridge between the CEC management and the students by carrying out projects and CEC activities that contribute student wellness, welfare and community engagement keeping in line with the CEC vision.


  • The primary purpose of the Student Council is to serve as a recognized forum for student opinion. The Student Council is elected annually by the student body.
  • The Student Council operates within the laws of the United Arab Emirates and follows the procedures established and adopted by CEC.
  • Activities: The activities of the Student Council include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Assisting CEC in identifying the interests, programs, and goals of the student majority.
    • Communicating those interests, programs, and goals of the student majority to CEC.
    • Assisting CEC in providing students with programs to meet the needs of its students.
  • Election: The elections are conducted according to the Election Code of the Student Council.